Dr. Tim Stockert’s book, The Journey: Creating & Sustaining High Performance, is available! The book provides insights into how a multi-phase strategy of Recognition, Reinvention, Reinforcement, Repetition, and Renewal can be used to transform base level or underperforming organizations into high performing learning organizations: organizations that create value and maximize business and human potential faster than their competition.

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Organization Development

Organization Development is the change management process used to create and sustain high performance organizations.

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Leadership Development

Developmental Leadership is the cultural catalyst for creating and sustaining high performance learning organizations.

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Project Management

Project Management is the governance methodology, process discipline and tools and techniques used to guide and direct unique and temporary work.

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INNOVA Group, Inc. was founded in 1986. It is a network of Organization Development professionals providing leadership and management development, project management training and coaching, as well as cultural development and management process consulting. The focus of INNOVA’s products and service is to support managers in creating and nurturing high performing, globally competitive learning organizations that maximize marketplace and human potential. Learn More




To be marketplace relevant in the 21st century, organizations must constantly learn with customers to be better, faster, and more value added than competitors. In other words, they must be High Performing Learning Organizations, proactively pursuing excellence and maximizing potential for the common good. INNOVA Group supports organizations in their quest to be high performance.

Based in Raleigh, NC, INNOVA Group is a management consulting firm that specializes in organization development support services, developmental leadership training and coaching, and project management training, coaching and certification. Learn more:

Organization Development
  • High Performance Organization Workshop
  • Achievement Seminar
  • Developmental Leadership Seminar
  • High Performance Organization Development Seminar
  • High Performance Management Coaching and Consulting
  • Learning Based Performance Management Workshop
Leadership Development
  • Developmental Leadership Seminar
  • Developmental Leadership Workshop
  • Leading Change Seminar
  • High Performance Project Management Leadership Seminar
  • High Performance Leadership Culture Seminar
Project Management
  • Fundamentals of Project Management Training
  • High Performance Project Management Training
  • CAPM® Exam Preparation Workshop
  • PMP® Exam Preparation Workshop
  • Customized Management Workshop
  • Individual High performance project
  • Management Coaching and Consulting

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