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"Maximizing Organizational Potential Through INNOVAtive Leadership Since 1986" 

INNOVA Group, Inc.

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In the 21st century, global businesses can no longer compete and succeed by simply being reliable providers of products and services. To be competitive and sustain success in the 21st century, businesses must constantly be learning with customers and competition how to be constantly better, faster and less expensive. In other words, they must be high performing learning organizations proactively pursuing excellence and maximizing potential for the common good.

INNOVA Group supports managers in their efforts to govern effectively and efficiently. INNOVA staff and associates provide Leadership Development, Organization Development, Process Improvement and Project Management Learning Interventions that encourage and facilitate the pursuit of personal and organizational excellence. Individually and in concert, these learning interventions enable managers to maximize organizational outcomes. They provide managers with the insight and developmental tools needed to continually improve an organization's competitiveness and promote personal growth.


Who is INNOVA Group?


INNOVA Group, Inc., established in 1986, offers innovative consulting and training services that enhance a manager’s effectiveness in creating and maintaining twenty-first century competitive organizations. These services encourage and support managers in making a workplace an exciting and emotionally supportive environment, contributing not only to corporate profitability, but to the self-image and personal development of associates. Our consulting and training services empower organizational stakeholders to learn with customers faster than competitors, thus enabling managers to maximize organizational and marketplace potential.


Is your business enterprise competing and maximizing its potential in terms of:


* Retaining a competitive advantage? 
* Continually sustaining and expanding profits?
* Pursuing organizational and individual excellence?
* Maximizing shareholder value?
* Attracting best talent?
* Constantly creating new marketplace opportunities?


INNOVA products and services can encourage, empower, and support you in:


* Creating and sustaining high performance learning organizations
* Developing and nurturing the governance needed to use learning as a competitive advantage in defining and leveraging marketplace opportunities
* Renewing and reinforcing the continuous pursuit of individual and organizational excellence





All programs are customized to client needs and applications.
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