Developmental Leadership Seminar

INNOVA’s Developmental Leadership Seminar

This seminar provides insight into how Developmental Leadership, using learning for power and influence), is the most effective and least conflict producing approach to engaging others in change and growth. Participants review the most used leadership styles, compare their strengths and weaknesses, and analyze how Developmental Leadership promotes inclusion, participation, and continual pursuit of excellence in execution and outcome. Most importantly, participants analyze how leadership cultures encourage or hinder marketplace success and identify how their leadership communications and behaviors influence potential.

Learning Objectives:

The seminar’s focus is to actively engage participants in reviewing the impact leadership communications and behaviors have on organizational culture and business enterprise potential. Learning objectives are to:

  • Review how leadership influences marketplace, performer and business enterprise potential
  • Identify how Developmental Leadership is the most effective and value producing leadership style
  • Analyze personal strengths and challenges in using learning for power and influence
  • Develop a personal plan for improving leadership effectiveness.

Learning Process:

Participants will use pre-readings, a learning journal, and self-assessment to review and analyze leadership communications, behaviors and impact. Throughout the seminar, the learning coach will use questioning, teaming and individual feedback.

Learning Materials:

  • Workshop Pre-Reading
  • Learning Journal
  • Self-Assessment Survey
  • Certificate of Completion

Who Should Attend:

All those needing to understand how leadership can influence, promote or hinder business success, culture and marketplace competitiveness would benefit from seminar participation.

Learning Benefits:

Upon completing this seminar, participants leave with:

  • An understanding of how leadership influences organizational potential
  • A methodology for comparing various leadership styles
  • An understanding of the importance and requirements of Developmental Leadership
  • A personal leadership assessment and action plan.
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Program Dates:

The seminar is 1 day in length.

Program Cost:

$400.00 per person

Program Location:

Raleigh, NC

PDU’s (7.5 Total for PMI® Certifications):

  • Strategic and Business Management: 1.5 PDU’s
  • Leadership: 6.0 PDU’s

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