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A photo of a jigsaw puzzle closed-up on a missing piece.High Performance Organizations collaboratively learn with customers how to define and capture marketplace potential. They constantly reinvent their competitive advantage by routinely changing customer expectations of value, price, and responsiveness. In this way, High Performance Organizations are always reshaping marketplace demand and in so doing, retaining their long term vitality and value.

Through marketplace adaptability and agility, High Performance Organizations efficiently convert marketplace demands for quality products and services into customer perceptions of value and satisfaction, wealth generation, and future possibilities.

To create and sustain a High Performance business enterprise requires a holistic and systemic approach to implementing change. It requires institutionalizing organization development (the science of promoting and maturing a business enterprise’s capacity to compete and remain relevant in a marketplace) as a management governance and leadership responsibility.

INNOVA provides workshops, organization development consulting, and training support to promote and master this challenge. Our organizational training and development offerings include:

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Our Team

Dr. Timothy Stockert

Dr. Stockert provides overall leadership for INNOVA and is the firm’s leading technology designer. His client focus is organization development and leadership development.

Deborah Underwood, PMP

Deborah coordinates all business management activities for INNOVA. In addition, her focus for INNOVA and with clients is project management training, program development, and certification coaching.

Ron McLeod, PMP Associate

Ron supports all INNOVA learning technologies and interventions. His areas of focus are leadership development and project management training.

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