INNOVA’s Publications

INNOVA's Publications

INNOVA’s first major publication, The Journey: Creating & Sustaining High Performance is now available.

This book provides a conceptual framework for visualizing and institutionalizing the thinking, communications, and behaviors needed to maximize business enterprise and human potential. It explores a multi-phase strategy for enlisting and engaging organizational stakeholders in a learning journey to create a high performance organization. High performance organizations learn and adapt with customer demand, grow with marketplace competition, and retain marketplace relevancy over time.

By utilizing a multi-phase strategy of Recognition, Reinvention, Reinforcement, Repetition, and Renewal, managers can transform base level or underperforming organizations into high performing organizations: organizations that create value and maximize business and human potential faster than their competition.


“Partnering with INNOVA has enabled our organization to embrace and internalize the High Performance Learning Organization (HPLO) concepts. For some of our teams, HPLO has elevated their level of performance and for others it has helped sustain High Performance. It doesn’t matter what level of leadership you are. You can be a supervisor, manager or a senior leader – everyone walks away with a practical hands on approach to elevating not only their personal performance but more importantly, their team’s level of performance. This experience translates directly into our customer’s experience and enables marketplace leadership.”

Bruce Sawyer, Senior Director, Business Excellence, Janssen Supply Chain

“Learning with customers to achieve and excel faster than the competition is a fundamental imperative for a business to be successful in the 21st century. Building an organization that has the required capacity, speed, flexibility and continuous improvement culture are the essence of a high performance organization. Only then will the organization be  positioned to be successful in both the present and the future. The management team must be focused on a transformation strategy that achieves this. INNOVA’s support in achieving this level of competitiveness is invaluable. ”

Joe Puzo, Senior Vice President, Pall Corporation

The Journey: Creating & Sustaining High Performance by Dr. Timoth Stockert

The Journey: Creating & Sustaining High Performance

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ISBN 978-1-329-80676-4

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Our Team

Dr. Timothy Stockert

Dr. Stockert provides overall leadership for INNOVA and is the firm’s leading technology designer. His client focus is organization development and leadership development.

Deborah Underwood, PMP

Deborah coordinates all business management activities for INNOVA. In addition, her focus for INNOVA and with clients is project management training, program development, and certification coaching.

Ron McLeod, PMP Associate

Ron supports all INNOVA learning technologies and interventions. His areas of focus are leadership development and project management training.

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